Slow Food

This collection features posters and a logo I designed for Slow Food Central Iowa, a local non-profit organization. The posters are created to promote the annual Slow Food Dinner, an event showcasing a multi-course meal prepared by volunteer local chefs. In addition to event promotion, these posters are available for sale at the event and are gifted to the chefs as a token of appreciation for their donated time and talent.

The logo is inspired by the international Slow Food icon, a snail, and incorporates iconic elements from central Iowa. The design starts with Ames at the snail’s head, followed by Des Moines, and concludes with Knoxville, Iowa.

The posters serve a dual purpose: to provide event information and to function as fine art pieces that can be sold to raise funds and proudly displayed by the chefs. I designed these posters in a square format, a style I particularly enjoy. The design elements are crafted to allow for annual variations, ensuring that each year’s poster can be seamlessly integrated into a cohesive series for display.