Human Centered Brand Identity

This collection highlights the materials created for the logo and identity of the UCDA Design Education Summit, which emphasized Human-Centered Design principles. The summit aimed to explore and promote design practices that prioritize the needs, behaviors, and experiences of people.

The logo presented here is an original creation, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of Human-Centered Design. The accompanying Process Book offers an in-depth look at the development journey, showcasing the evolution of ideas and the meticulous thought process that informed the final design.

The conceptual foundation of the logo is to visually represent the creative mind while underscoring the core tenets of human-centered design. It aims to capture the dynamic interplay between creativity and empathy, illustrating how design can serve as a bridge between innovative solutions and human needs.

In developing this identity, I focused on creating a visual language that resonates with the summit’s mission of fostering a design community that is both creatively robust and deeply attuned to human experiences. The logo and supporting materials were designed to be both striking and meaningful, serving as a beacon for the principles and discussions that the summit aimed to inspire.