Family Survival Kit

This project was conceived and developed during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a period marked by widespread lockdowns and the mandate for families to shelter in place, working and schooling from home. In response to the unique challenges and dynamics of this time, I sought to create a meaningful and engaging experience for families.

To inform the project, I conducted interviews with several individuals who found themselves in a similar situation—frustrated by the inability to leave their homes yet rediscovering the joy of spending quality time with their families. These conversations highlighted a common theme: the desire to make the most of this unexpected togetherness and to find creative ways to bond and entertain.

Inspired by these insights, I designed a family-friendly activity and craft box. This box was intended to offer a range of activities that could be enjoyed collectively by the entire family or individually by children, fostering both collaborative and independent play. The design aesthetic draws inspiration from Russian Constructivism and early army field manuals, blending bold, dynamic visuals with a sense of structure and functionality.

The project aimed to provide not just entertainment, but also a sense of normalcy and connection during an unprecedented time. By combining thoughtful design with carefully curated activities, the box served as a valuable resource for families looking to navigate the challenges of lockdown with creativity and togetherness.